My Works

Hot Rain

In “Hot Rain” a work of fiction by Joshua Nnadimma Ayozie, he tries to bring our consciousness to the dilemma of barren women among the Igbo race of Nigeria. The culture and tradition of the people which is almost lost as a result of urbanization is presented before us. The work mirrors a close-Knight society where the joy of one is the joy of another. Equally, the sorrow of one is a shared sorrow. The Umuchimma Community of Umuodimma Kingdom is not an isolated Community hence Obioma had to travel to Lagos to learn a trade.

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Priest of Calamity

An expository work depicting a typical Igbo Nigerian Philosophy, Superstitious life and belief. A work of fiction which places side by side the victims of the sins of their fore parents and the place of Almighty God in it.

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